Run and optimize your repeatable processes withNotion

Build scalable processes with our Templates, save time, reduce errors and delegate or automate with ease to get back to working on your business not in it.

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Why should I care?

Save time and make less mistakes

Standardized processes are faster to run and less error prone.

No more thinking about how you did that one thing a month ago or forgetting a vital step. Save money and time.

Work on your business not in it

Get back time to work on high-leverage tasks

Your time is best spent on strategy and creating new processes, not executing repetitive tasks. Spend more time on the things that only you can do!

Easily delegate and automate

Good processes help onboard new employees VAs and 🤖s alike

The goal here is to figure out how it's done, get it right and then let someone else do it. You have bigger fish to fry.

Streamline your processes with Notion

We help you create, iterate and work your way to a process that can be run from anywhere and easily delegated or automated.

Most people don't know where to start and that's ok, we got your back! Copy one of out best practice templates with one click to your own Notion and adapt them to your needs. 🚀

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